Practicing on your own

・Set realistic targets for a day, 1 per session

・Start easy, keep in control: don't confuse speed with a hurry

・Analyse yourself in a honoust way

・Change one item a time

・Messing up? 'Reset' yourself with the riding techniques theory

・Keep a diary of your practicing and your progress

・Drive 'intelligent' miles

Vabene Intensive Practice course

The Vabene Intensive Practice (VIP) course is a no nonsense learning and training program for all levels.

Purpose is to truly understand motorcycle road racing techniques and become comfortable with applying them on a track.

You can expect lots of track time, theoretical and practical explanation and a steep learning curve.

You will perform the course on your own motorcycle or, if applicable, a rental from the event organisator.

The tutorial program is modulair and tailor made.

The practical sessions are in a setting of max 3 students with 1 instructor.

After practicing you will be able to handle different situations and circumstances at any circuit.

Daily Schedule

・Definition of learning goals in long term and course day specific

・Theory sessions 'Racing Techniques'

・Riding sessions on track accompanied by your instructor

・Briefing before each riding session, debriefing after each session

・Practices to be performed by you during a riding session

・Video capture of your riding, analyses and feedback during course

・End of course report of progress and acquired level of riding skills

Content & Methodology

Progression measurement

We will analyse your activities by your own feedback, our observations and video footage. At the end of the course you will receive a report with an overview of your current level for each riding technique.

This you can use as starting point for free practice or as input for the next VIP course. You can daisy chain courses until you reached the desired level of skills.

Setting goals

With your input, level and requirements, combined with our first observations at the track we will compose a personal tutorial program with goals. If nessecary the program will be altered during the course. The riding technique which currently induces the highest risk will be the first subject to work at.

Risk Reduction

In this kind of sport risk is inevitable. Through awarness, the right mentality and counter measurements you will be able to mitigate risks for a great deal. We don't believe in learning by (painful) mistakes.

Tutorial Program

The tutorial program is structured and modular. We distinguish six riding techniques and four levels. Inside of that targets and practice assignments.

In this way we can serve anybody very specific in every phase of the learning proces.

Learning proces

We learn in phases and the human learning curve is capricious. With the intensive practicing and theory sessions, men needs time and rest (inc. sleep) for reflection and processing all new information. In practice the 3 day course proofs to be the most valuable. For a  repetition a 2 day course is best suitable. During one day there is only a limited acquaintence possible with the Vabene methodology.

Courses portfolio

Our courses are mainly offered during events of other organisations. You need to register for the event as well for the course. We offer 1, 2, 3 or 4 day courses.

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