Everybody who would like to learn to ride at a race circuit or would like to extend existing skills. For novice, experienced and seasoned riders. Occasionally track riders and licensed racers. Men and women.

Improve your self confidence by riding on your own motorcycle under expert guidance at a race circuit. By attending a course with Vabene you will build up in-depth knowledge and experience of racing techniques and improve results. Enjoy your journey to a safe, skilled and fast rider.

A unique, structured and flexible tutorial program. Tailored to your experience and targets. Intensive practice sessions interspersed with exentsive debriefings and theory lessons. Progress is being measured. Three students : one instructor.




Vabene have extensive experience with transfering knowledge of the how and especially the why of motor racing techniques. We guide and coach people in a responsible and risk mitigating way. With us you are in good hands.

At a few occasions a year we offer our tutorial services at multiple day track events. Through all Europe. Organised by our self, for third parties or by others. We collaborate with Focused Events.


"... In short I feel they add an extra dimension to the track day"

"... you managed to spot what we both were doing wrong and we are much better riders because of it."

"... I will not hesitate to recommend Vabene Racing School."



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